jade heather

3 way confrence

maths goal: i would like to get better at my basic facts and my number knowledge

reflection: i will practice my basic facts and concentrate on my number knowledge during school time and at home.

new maths goal: get a better stanine in maths.

reflection: by becoming more familiar with different math strategies.

reading goal: to get a 6/7 stanine in my next reading test

reflection: concentrating on my reading and the retell of storyies e.g the taiwha of wellington Harbour

new reading goal: to get better at retelling a storie

reflection: to understand the storie more

writing goal:

jade 1)

Writing goal: I would like to include a range of adjectives, adverbs, verbs and nouns.

I will achieve this by putting them in my stories.

New writing goal: is to get better at reteling a storie.

By reading over my writing so it makes sence and my stories are good.