Water Projects



A well is a drilled hole in the ground connected to a underground water source. The water can be access by using a container to gather the water to drink or pump by hand

to the surface. Wells can be build as little a 1,500(USA). India is as much as $40,000+ in Kenya. Sometimes wells for 1,000 people might cost around $40,000. Hand pumps can serve up to 500 people of the cost of $7,000.

Well repair

Well repair is a broken down Well that needs to be fixed because of something not working properly like the handle of a well or plumbing that has been damaged over time. When wells have been broken down it is useless to the community because no one will be able to drink clean water. The cost for a well repair is between $1,200- $4,000 depending what the well needs.


A weir is an effective place to store large amounts of tropical rainfall that rarely happens twice a year. When this occurs, river channels are filled with rain water and happens for a few days or hours. This can be a problem because with no natural barriers water can move quickly and out into the ocean. Weirs can block and store this water without bothering the communities down stream. Then the community guards the water by preventing any animal from access.

Rain Catchments

Rain catchments, also called harvesting, this easy system connect to a downspout and other rain catchments systems to a central water tank capable of holding around 100,00 litters of water or more. The problem is that it never rains but when is does most of the water runs off and its lost. These systems when combined make the best use of little rain there is.