This Quarter in SS: Testing Edition

March 28th - April 15th, 2016


Hello Parents,

As you've probably noticed, I've taken a bit of a sabbatical from making newsletters. Although they are extremely helpful, they are very time-consuming to make and I feel that cutting back on them this semester has actually helped most of my students become a bit more responsible in keeping up with due dates, tests, assignments and projects. But with testing beginning in less than a month, I decided that the time to return to the newsletter is today! Please read below for updates on the rest of our semester.

Geography, History, Economics and Government of Australia

Thursday, March 31st, 9am

5440 West Jones Bridge Road

Norcross, GA

Before we talk about GMAS, please note that students will be taking our last regular unit test covering all the domains of Australia this Thursday, March 31st.
Georgia Milestones

What is GMAS? Why are we taking it? How can I help my student prepare?

As you know, Georgia used the CRCT for a very long time before GMAS was thought. Now that the assessment is here (this is year 2), I want to ensure that parents and students know exactly what is coming. I have created a PowerPoint that answers many of the questions above and more. This is also available on my eClass course page by going to the GMAS, Interim and Finals Prep folder.

Social Studies GMAS Day

Wednesday, April 27th, 9am

5440 West Jones Bridge Road

Norcross, GA

April's Testing Schedule

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How can my student prepare?

Now that we've looked at what GMAS is, know that there are many ways for students to prepare. We are completing a warm-up each day in class to help us review some content that we learned this year. Right now, we are focusing heavily on geography and history since those are the heaviest sections of the GMAS (31% and 29%, respectively). I have loaded my eClass with resources to help students and I will be working to complete this area of my eClass through the end of the week. Here are my study suggestions:

1. GA Department of Education Study/Resource Guide for Parents and Students - While looking for resources, I found that the GA DOE compiles a study/resource guide for every subject that students are tested over. I have condensed this file down to the 50 pages relevant to Social Studies and I highly recommend using this to guide studying. The document includes practice questions and explanations, key vocabulary, and more. You can find resource guides for other subjects here.

2. eClass Review modules by standard - Students can access review modules on eClass by going to my course page. This will help them to refresh their memory on all of the content we've learned this year. (pictures 1-3)

3. Yearlong Review Document - In the Full Year Review materials section, there is a GMAS Yearlong Review document that essentially sums up almost our entire 10-month curriculum in 10 pages. You could have your student review this document (maybe one section per day) leading up to the test. (picture 4)

4. Practice tests - In the Full Year Review materials folder, there are 4 practice tests students can take with answers at the bottom. If you prefer to print flash cards, that option is available as well (Team Games Tournament Flashcards) in the same folder with answers. (picture 5)

5. eClass Classroom Assessments - Throughout the year, I've used eClass assessments as formative assessments to see if students were prepared for unit exams and to allow them to see their own weaknesses with content while receiving real time results. All of these assessments are still available through my course page and make test prep more interactive. (picture 6)

6. Quizlet - Allow students to review key vocab and events by using the Quizlet flashcards. (picture 7)

7. Discuss warm-up - Have daily dialogue with your student about the warm-up completed in class. Today, students completed a political cartoon analysis on imperialism and the British empire. Ask students what they know or have learned daily and this will not only help information to stick, but it will show them that the information is valuable outside of room 5.106. :) (picture 8)

8. Success - All of my students are capable of doing well on GMAS and if they work hard to prepare, I know that they will! (picture 9)

Quote of the Week

"The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary." - Vince Lombardi
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Thank you for reading.

Brittany Boulware

6th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Pinckneyville Middle School