Let's Order Take Out!

Sell the look, and watch the sales rack up!

A new spin on the old method

Catalog parties are hardly ever intriguing and when you are cringing to even present the idea to a hostess, you know thats not a good start. With a fresh new company, it's out with the old and in with the new! With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, everyone loves our jewelry bars, but they are difficult to plan out sometimes so we you can't go to the bar but want some fun, what to do?? ORDER OUT!

Why should our concept of jewelry bars be any different? An idea shared by a fellow designer is simply ingenious! Create a take out party binder, as we all well know, its all the the delivery! By making a binder with all the info they need to get order and still creating that visual effect, you are guaranteed to make this take out one they will remember.

Ok, get the To Buy list ready:

Plain binders, can do plastic insert if you like

Sheet protectors

Colorful cardstock

Printing Ink

Photos of lockets to include

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The Breakdown

The Take Out Binder is composed of different sections and its important to include certain handouts found in the back office just like we would for our Hostess Packet.

  • Order Forms
  • Website Info Cards
  • How It Works- take out party document
  • Hostess Rewards
  • Points of Difference
  • Join Our Team
  • Career path chart
  • Photos
  • Catalogs

1. In the first pocket you can include order forms and then Website Info Cards, these are just made in Word and printed on card stock and laminated, an easy way for customers to know how to shop online or look online BUT make sure they register through YOUR site!

You can address it with your name and then the following instructions:

Provide the hyperlink address for your site.

1) Click on "Sign in to my Account"

2) Create an Account



2. In your first sheet protector, place your take out party document.


3.Next will be your Hostess Rewards, you always want to include this and maybe even some extra copies and let your hostess know to give them out to her friends to encourage bookings off her party.


4. Then of course Product Points of DIfference


5. Plant the Seed and then some by including the Join Our Team handout.


6. Next we include the Career Plan Chart front and back. Whenever I am passing out info to a new recruit, I try not to overwhelm them with information, normally I will give them the Join Our Team then follow up by phone, in person, via email then give more info including the career plan. However with catalog/take out parties, we don't know where it could end up and if are possible recruit has been in direct sales before may be looking for this info, therefore, I would include in mine.

Career Plan Chart: https://extranet.securefreedom.com/OrigamiOwl/Personal/Resources/CareerPlan_singlesheet_revised1025.pdf

Career Plan Definitions:


7. Here comes the fun part! Remember the old style 3 ring binder photo albums, you can purchase inserts at any craft store, Target and Walmart carry as well I believe. Put some in there and print out some photos. Providing this visual is where the orders come in!

Another option would be making a photo book and the small 8x8 photo book would fit perfect in the back of the binder.

****Very Important, when going to print off pictures, IF they are not yours and watermarked, MANY stores including Walmart and Walgreens will not release those prints without printed proof of permission to release those photos to you.****

8. In the back pocket of the binder, LOAD up those catalogs! You never know where they will end up and from the take out document, your hostess will know to not let them walk off unless they really need to.

Making a couple of these binders can never hurt and so easy and organized to carry around. You never know where you will be and people will seem interested and you SEIZE that opportunity by whipping out your pretty binder and simply mentioning, "Here is a Take Out Party, free jewelry is waiting to be delivered your way:)"

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Marching Into the First Day of Spring...

The webinar last night should be posted in the Back Office within a few days and it is really useful information for new designers and old designers alike to refresh our skills. Dawn talked about useful tactic for a launch party and how to make your debut as a designer. While we put together these ideas to attract more bookings and hostesses its also not a bad idea to test them out ourselves. Remember, when the party can't come to you, YOU make the party! Host your own jewelry bar, take out party, get your circle reignited and especially ramped up now seeing as how April 16th is not that far and we will soon welcome new hostess rewards and... DRUMROLL... NEW CATALOGS (remember tentative date, but still something to get giddy about!)

Don't forget about my March Incentive that applies to all our Sparkle and Shine family! For every $250 in PV you earn 1 ticket into a raffle for either a pair of aqua metallic TOMS or aqua crochet TOMS!!! And boy do we have some heavy hitters already!!

Top 5:

Shara Smith- 16 tickets

Deanne Shover- 15 tickets

Sherri Smith- 7 tickets

Kelle Stahl- 5 tickets

Julianne Kramer- 4 tickets

There is still plenty of time ladies and its all luck of the draw!