Jack the Ripper

By: Kristal Okeke

Mental Status

  • The sadistic butchery suggested a mind more sociopathic and hateful.

  • His method of gruesome killing conveyed a deep loathing for the female gender.

First Kill

  • At around 3:40 am, Charles Cross, a carter, found Mary Nichols’s body on the side of the street.

    • still breathing but barely

  • Her throat was cut almost to the point of decapitation.

  • She was found about thirty minutes past her murder.

  • A doctor came and officially pronounced "Life extinct."
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How many Victims?

  • 5 prostitutes were killed - “Canonical” five victims

  1. Mary Nichols - Murdered on August 31st, 1888
  1. Annie Chapman - Murdered on Sept. 8th 1888
  2. Elizabeth Stride - Murdered on Sept 30th 1888
  3. Catherine Eddowes - Murdered on Sept. 30th 1888
  4. Mary Kelly - Murdered November 9th, 1888

Modus Operandi and Type of Killer

  • Jack the Ripper would usually cut the victim's throat and disembowel them.
  • He was also an organized killer.
  • He had an understanding about human anatomy and would kill without damaging the organs because he had the intentions to remove the organs.


  • Jack the Ripper would go off with a victim’s organ

    • Mary Nichols - nothing

    • Annie Chapman - Womb

    • Elizabeth Stride - thought to have been interrupted

    • Catherine Eddowes - uterus and left Kidney

    • Mary Kelly - skinned to bone nothing taken
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Identity unknown

Because he was never captured and convicted of the murders, information such as childhood, reasons behind the killings, and previous crimes can not be found out. Although, Jack the Ripper's education must have consisted with knowledge of the human body.

Extra Information

  • Five murders within Whitechapel area in the City of London - within 1 mile of each other

  • There was some length of time after the first murder to the point people thought he was done, 2 murders on the same day, September 30th 1888.

  • He is the most infamous.


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