Employee BYOD Changes

Buckhorn High School

March 9, 2015

Teachers: Please read the notice from Computer Services below..

"We have been experiencing some issues with “YouTube” and other sites being blocked for employees that bring their own devices. To allow access to these sites using personal devices, employees will now have to enter their credentials the first time they open a browser on their personal device. They will also need to select their school in the “server” field. They should only be prompted once a day."

On Your Personal Laptop

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On Your Mobile Device

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If you have a laptop on Employee BYOD, you will be prompted, after entering your credentials, to leave the window up and open a new tab for browsing.

If you close the window you will be placed back in the default group, and will be unable to access the blocked sites.

This is not the case for mobile devices and tablets; you will be redirected to their home page after they enter their credentials.

Soon, Computer Services will also be activating this security feature for the “Student-BYOD”.

Troubleshooting Tip:

If you are not getting the iBoss screen on your personal laptop, try opening up your internet browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) and going to yahoo.com. Going to a website should prompt the iBoss login screen.

Paige Craig

Library-Media Specialist & Technology Integration Mentor