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A note from my laptop to yours

Dear Brave and Fearless Staff,

It is always nice to see you! I hope your summer was a relaxing one. I am excited to start another year with all of you. To help get things going this year, here are a few things I wanted to share and/or remind you about…

  1. The library staff doesn’t own the library. You and your students do. You can recommend materials and have a voice in the library policies. Feel free to share!!
  2. Planning is a good thing. I will do my best to get what you need as quickly as I can, but the more time you give me the better.
  3. The library media center provides books and so much more. Although books are one of the more important things you can find at the library I want to remind you about the library website. We currently have a subscription to many databases that support your classroom themes. The online catalog is available so you can find books and other resources.
  4. The best resource in the library media center is the library media teacher. I want to help you plan a project, co-teach a lesson, share new technology tools, find professional research, give insight into an ethical problem, or answer a reference question. And if I can’t do it, I will help you find someone who can.
  5. The library media center can help meet your student’s reading needs. The LMC curriculum helps to promote children’s literature and uses activities to help students enjoy the stories even more. I do my best to keep your students “hooked on reading” by recommending reading material that is appropriate for them. Children will also develop their information literacy skills through project-based activities when they come to the library.

Adapted from:

Hincks, Kelly. “A Letter to My Colleagues.” Knowledge Quest, Knowledge Quest, 13 Nov. 2015,

I hope your year will be a positive one!

See you soon!

Best regards,

Jennifer Gibson-Millis a.k.a. Mrs. G-M

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This Google Doc is your A to Z guide to your LMC. Please let me know if anything is missing or needs to be added.

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Coming LMC Lab Schedule!! Please watch for email and training! Until then, please email Anita at with the date, time, number of students and number of headphones needed.
We have several drawers full of art and other posters that might add some color and interest to your rather white walls. Please come by to leaf through and find something just right for you. Ask Gloria and she will show you the location and then you can check them out.

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Library Media Staff

Mrs. G-M--PreK-12 Library Media Teacher and Director

Ms. Anita--Both Lower and Upper School Assistant Librarian

Ms. Gloria--Upper School Library Media Assistant

Ms. Rita--Lower School Library Media Assistant