My goals

lucile beach springs 2015-2016

my reading goals . . .

to set a reading goal i want to be able to read words i have never read before. never even heard before. i also want to be able to read faster than i can read know. hopefully i can achieve these goals
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My Writing Goals

i want set a goal of writing better. i want to write more paragraphs and tell better details. i also want to set a goal for longer sentences and more punctuation in my paragraphs. i want to be a stare at reading.
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My Math Goals

for my math goals i want to learn how to divide and multiply larger numbers. i also want to learn how to make larger fractions and decimals and divide them on a place value chart. but much harder ones. i want to meat and increase my MAP Math goals and i want to understand them better.
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my behavior goal. . .

my behavior goal at school that i want to earn my L.I.G.H.T letters every day! i also want to have high grades so i can be a member in the beta club.

My Personal Goal . . .

one of my personal goals is that i want to be a professional horse rider so i can earn a lot of metals!
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another personal goal . . .

another personal goal of mine is that i want to get a scholarship and become a vet. my dad interested me in being a vet.
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