It's Tech Twednesday!

Feb. 17, 2016

Preventive Computer Maintenance:

While this is not technically considered maintenance it goes along with the idea of keeping your computer healthy and running its best.

Power as you know is critically important to the health of a computer. While most people have surge protectors on their computers, surges are only one problem. Brown-out are also a concern for computers, especially if you leave your computer running all the time. If your house lights ever dim, or your computer mysteriously reboots during the day, or your lights flicker when the AC unit comes on, then your house has brown-outs. If your computer is on the same circuit as other major appliances, hair dryers, curling irons, clothes irons, your computer is most likely suffering through brown-outs. It is recommended if you leave your computer on all the time that you install a back-up power solution. Both APC and Trip-Lite are major brand names in the back-up power industry. They both have units sized for home computers. A $50-$100 addition can potentially save you hundreds of dollars and hours of time replacing/repairing your damaged computer.

GeoInquiries: Free, Fun, Interactive Lessons

Regardless of your subject area or grade level, you can incorporate fun, interactive geotechnology lessons that will enhance your students' learning experiences. GeoInquiries are free, fast, and easy-to-use lessons currently covering science, history, and geography topics, all of which can be accessed with any Internet-enabled device. Click here to learn more!

Smartphone Photography Tips

Most of us don't bother taking a camera with us anymore. Why? Our mobile devices are equipped with one, and, let's face it....whether we're at a ball game or a meeting, checking in with social media is a given. So when you're not learning who changed their status and actually see your kid catch that fly ball, you can take a picture of the moment and instantly share it. Click here to find out how to make sure your kid looks better than others with these tips on how to take great pictures with your smartphone.

3 Ways to Share a YouTube video

Three Ways to Share a YouTube Video