Announcing... Schoology for OSD!

Available Spring 2017

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What is Schoology?

Schoology is a Learning Management System (LMS) that streamlines course content, assessments, grading, and communication for teachers, students, and staff across the district. It is web-based, readily accessible on a variety of devices, and has been successfully piloted by teachers and students in OSD. It integrates with core district systems such as Skyward and Google Suite for Education.

Why does OSD need a Learning Management System?

The rapid increase in the number of student devices necessitates effective and flexible ways to deliver content to students and to track student progress within an online classroom environment. A common platform for all OSD users is highly desirable to facilitate this work. Schoology’s user-friendly interface and gradebook sync with Skyward are two of the top reasons that the pilot group embraced its use.

What is Schoology?

Benefits for the Olympia School District

  • Curation, alignment, and management of curriculum resources

  • Home for common assessments

  • Avenue for Professional Development

  • Meets archival and accessibility requirements

Benefits for Teachers

  • Enhances instruction and classroom interaction

  • Creates efficiencies (grading, tracking, reporting)

  • Extends time, place, path, and pace of learning

  • Curation/creation of course content, assessments, rubrics, and built-in resource library

Benefits for Students

  • Safe online classroom

  • Organized coursework

  • One place to go for posted assignments, announcements, content, calendar across all classes

  • Extends the ability of students in grades 3-12 to access resources, demonstrate learning, communicate, collaborate, and participate in a blended learning environment.

So, how will I learn more about using Schoology?

Schoology will be available to all teachers in May of 2017. Additionally, Schoology will be available to students in grades 3-12 once their courses are activated.

  • Initial training for core staff: May 2016

  • Lead team teacher training: May 2017

  • Building-based Intro to Schoology sessions: May/June 2017

  • Introductory and continuing teacher training: Fall 2017

  • Ongoing training and support: 2017-2020