The Reality of Internment Camps

Behind the scenes...

Generous living space!

This picture depicts all the lovely things about the camps, making it look like a very welcoming place to be. It would seem like a short vacation. This piece of propaganda enabled the government to get poeple to be not as timid as they would usually be to go to this camp.

Fun environment!


Harsh enviroments in internment camps

Families, taken away from their own homes, had to be trapped in a confined space with little room available. Forcing people to live in one room is extremely inhumane because the prisoners have no freedom even in their own living space. Considering these prisoners were taken away from their homes, family, and friends, they should be treated with much more respect. It's enough damage to take someone away from their community and force them to live in a place they do not want to, but to make multiple people live in one room is truly unacceptable.
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