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Voices of Connected Learning

Welcome MassCUE16!

Thanks for attending this session on tools for student voice. Since voice is a very deep topic to unpack, I will focus on a handful of tools that support microblogging, collaborative writing, and activating voice.

It is not my intention to suggest a tool based on preference for a particular brand. My allegiance is to my family and the communities we serve. It is purely the design of the tool and how it supports learning needs that guides my selections.


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In sum ...

If technology is to be used to shrink equity and accessibility gaps, it must support learners emotionally and socially to activate student voice. Once these conditions are established and successful, students can develop the confidence that their ideas can improve schools and change lives, especially their own.

Kevin Zahner

I'm a history teacher focusing on blended learning, project-based, and inquiry. You can find reflections, stories, and tips on my blog and YouTube channel. Developing a PLN and learning with others is very important to me, which is why I attend and present as often as possible for a full-time classroom teacher.