lagston hughes


lagston Hughes is a world famous poet he most commonly known in the 1920,s. In 1920 he made a poem called " the negro speaks "and published in NAACP news letter which applied, To the black community and the events they were going through at that time.after this poem he then published two books. he also published a novel called "not without lather" He made a big accomplishment of winning a Harlem gold medal on that novel. He was known as "the bard of Harlem" for capturing of literature and artistic spirits.

raisins in the sun

the famous poem telling his readers . why have a dream if your not going to follow it .why do any thing without finishing it .
Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes (Poetry Reading)

How will he be remembered ?

he will be remembered by his famous poetry . He did a lot but that is what sticks out the most .

Harlem theater

"y.o.l.o" come and live free