The Northwestern Star

First Lady Response to Lynchings

Dear Editor,

The day of March 19, 1936 Eleanor Roosevelt wrote a letter to a Mr. White. She wrote this letter in reply about the lynchings that have been happening. She told Mr. White That She had been talking to The the President about doing anything about it to help stop the lynchings, he said “ The difficulty that is it is unconstitutional apparently for the Federal Government to step in on the lynching situation.” The Government can only step in on kidnappings because of its interstate aspect and that has not been appealed so they do not know if it will be declared constitutional. The President also said that “ The question of education in the states, rallying good citizens and creating public opinion so that localities themselves will wipe it out.” Eleanor also tells in this letter what Mr. Whites next step should be by talking to more prominent members of Senate.

Jim Crow Laws

Dear Editor,

If we pass this law or that, we will be on a slippery slope that can lead to several things. I’m seriously concerned that this in the future will cause a big uprising that will take a while for it to calm down. The Jim Crow Laws are not the right things to do. We are all humans no matter race or gender. With them segregating the blacks from the whites it is costing more money because they have to have double the amount of things. From, train cars, water fountains, schools. What I didn’t like the most is where the whites would not talk to the blacks because they acted like they were better than them. The Jim Crow Laws were one of the worst laws put in place. Treat people how you would want to be treated

Tom Robinson Trial

In the trial of Tom Robinson it was an one sided trial for the first testimonies. The case was that defendant Tom Robinson raped and beat a white woman, the accuser Mayella Ewell. The first to the stand was the town sheriff Heck Tate Atticus asked why Nobody called a doctor. Heck said that they didn’t think about it. Atticus asked about Mayella’s bruises. What side of her face they were on. Heck Tate said that they were on her right side. Atticus asked if it was his right or her right. Heck said that it was his right so Mayella’s left. Atticus called Bob Ewell to the stand. Atticus is very calm during the entire trial. He asked Bob Ewell to sign his name on a piece of paper. Atticus was showing the jury that Bob could have of hit Mayella. Atticus then called Mayella Ewell to the stand. He asked her what happened and why nobody heard her screaming and yelling. She said nobody was there because the kids went to get ice cream. Atticus then asked if Bob ,her father, beat her. She said no. Then the accusers lawyer called Tom Robinson to the stand , but when he was swearing in he had to do it with his right hand because he could not use his right. Atticus asked him what happened. Tom said she asked him to help her and she jumped on him and he saw Bob running towards him so he ran. The accusers lawyer asked him a couple of questions then Tom said that he felt sorry for her which was bad. After a long recess they came to a conclusion of Tom being guilty. Later that night Tom Robinson was shot.

Colored Dining Room

On March 30, 1933 in Tarllucky, Kentucky Rocket Bill was traveling down I-54 and he saw a Dining room. He stopped and thought he was going to eat with the white folks. He didn’t realize that he would have to eat in a white mans outhouse. It was a old wood outhouse that was really rundown.

Compared to the eating utensils that the white folks were eating from the blacks had wooden spoons and forks. The plates were made of plastic. The blacks had no tables and chairs. They had to sit on the floor. The building was not cleaned at all, and smelled very bad.

Choke Em Down Lunch Room

This Choke ‘Em Down Lunch Room is the very first and very rare Choke ‘Em Down lunch. Rocket Bill a colored man went to Choke ‘Em Down thinking that it was a colored man’s restaurant. When Rocket Bill walked in he got a nasty surprise. There were white people in the restaurant. He turned around and walked out.

He turned around and look at the sign and saw that it said whites and blacks allowed. He was very surprised by seeing that. He walked back in and and sat down and at lunch.

The Gem Theater

In the day that this occurred if people wanted to see a movie they had to go to the theater to see it. In this case the blacks were not permitted in the movie theater. If they wanted to see the movie they either had to sneak in and try not to get caught or find someone that had money to go watch it with the. Most blacks in this time period didn't have money.

If you did get lucky enough and get to see inside you will realize that the seats are very cushiony, the floor is well kept, and it smells really good. It is probably because white people are the only ones permitted in there.