Student Exchange Program by Kayla

Interesting Facts About The People You Will Meet!- People

Mostly descended from Amerindians and the Spanish, Africa, Peru, Columbia and East Asia.

Majority is Mestizo. - Spanish and Amerindians mixed ancestry,

Ethnic Identification is unpredictable. This can not be guessed by where the person is born, physical appearance or language.

3.5 million people identify themselves as native.

Mostly Roman Catholic.

Most speak Spanish Castellano.

Might Want To Check This Out!- Natural Resources and Agriculture.

Gold?! A metal found in Ecuador, but not the country's most popular land mineral because this is uncertain.

Oil is a major export.

Has the Guyas River, forests, rain forests, palm trees, bamboo trees, Coastal mangrove swamps.

Wide variety of agriculture. Contains potatoes, corn and beans. Other food like bananas and coffee are mostly for exporting.

Tradions and Etiquette.

Life is similar to ours. They like to surf the internet go to the mall and to the movies , and watching television.

Close relationship with the U.S politically and economically.

Fiestas otherwise known as parties, are common.

Family and close friends are important. More important then spending time alone.

They don't like to be alone and rather be in public places. They might think it's odd if you do something like take a walk by yourself.

Girls celebrate quienceanera. The girl always wears a pink dress.

Saints Days is a holiday in this country.

Letter Grade! C+

This country is surprisingly similari to the U.S then what's imagined! Differences are just as common as similarities. They also have some economic ties with the U.S. They spend their free time in a similar way. However, they don't like to be alone, it's not frowned upon, it's just strange to them. They think company is more important then being by yourself. The food is similar to the U.S. Parties are common, like they are in the U.S. Language may be a issue. Overall it seems like a interesting place!

Fun Facts!

Ecuador translates to "equator".

Quito, the capital is a site where the Incan empire was.

The national language is Spanish.

World's number one banana exporter.

A fiesta is one of the best ways to meet people in Ecuador.