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PTSA Quality Student of the Week

Congratulations Devontae Mason!

Devontae's drama teacher, Mrs. Davis, stated that "this young man is talented in his classes – works hard and achieves academically. He works hard on the basketball court – he’s a great team player, and works hard to be successful. He is also a hard working guy on the stage, and won 1st place last weekend with a Varsity Dramatic Monologue.

In order to come to state, he couldn’t go on Thursday with the rest of the department. He is a committed athlete who stayed to play hard with his team on Friday night. He woke up at 5 am, and went down to Troy on Saturday morning, so he could show that he’s a committed performer as well. Despite the hardships of getting to Troy, he got there and performed exceptionally."

Thank you for the example you set for all, Devantae!

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