How devices communicate!

Across the internet

What is the internet?

Well the internet is a series of fibre optic cables laid deep underground allowing for almost anybody anywhere to gain access to the Internet as long as they have got the required hardware, e.g Router, Device. It is a wide area network where every single device will be connected to at some time or another.

What's an I.P address and why do I need one?

Well, an I.P address is like a name tag for every single internet enabled device. Your I.P address will be sent to various routers before it reaches its overall destination, but instead you needing to know the I.P of the website you can type the name and have the DNS server go and translate it into the I.P so that any data you send doesn't get sent to another Node or Client.

Internet Protocols and HTTP.

Since we already covered I.p's we will start talking about HTTP, HTTP is the protocol to send data across the Web. I.P's however are just a set of instructions a device will follow in order to reach the designated Website.