April 13-17

Welcome Back!

News This Week

Pensacola Naval Air Station - Blue Angles

Our Blue Angles trip is Wednesday, April 22. More information will be coming. Please return the permission slip and $12.50/person by Wednesday. Remember that we need many chaperones for this trip and we must pay by this day to make sure we can reserve the coach busses. You can pay both the chaperone and student fee together ($25) and make checks payable to DES.

29.5 Days and Counting....

There are MANY end of year activities and lots of extra information coming home this time of year. Please keep an eye on the folder for updates and information. So far, you've gotten order forms for Field Day shirts and yearbooks.

We are still working very hard in class. It can be a hard time of year to focus, but we are still learning and improving lots before second grade!

Snow Wizard Tuesday - $1.00

Studies This Week

  • Story: Reading Street Unit 5, Week 3 - Dot and Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery
  • Skills: Compare and Contrast, Monitor & Fix Up
  • Phonics: /oo/ sound in book
  • Phonics: Inflected endings: s, es, ed, and ing (when dropping the e)
  • Sight words: among, another, instead, none
  • Practice at home: Read decodables and AR books


  • Practice spelling and writing words.
  • Visit spellingcity.com/meverette for more practice.
  • Words this week: book, moon, too, food, look, pool, zoo, noon, good, foot


  • Unit 8 - Twos, Fives, and Tens
  • Students revisit the number sequence as they count and write numbers to 100 and beyond.
  • Students work on achieving fluency with the two-addend combinations of ten, they are introduced to ideas about equivalence (8 + 5 = 10 +3) and the importance of ten in our number system.
  • Count by groups of 2s, 5s, and 10s,
  • Students they think about ways to organize objects so that they are easier to count and combine, and they begin to make sense of what it means to count by equal groups.
  • Practice at Home: Many students are struggling to write numbers after 100. They add 1s and 0s such as... 108, 109, 1100, 1011 or they skip from 119 to 200. Practice counting and writing higher numbers in order (forward and backward).


These words are used in English, math, or science we will learn throughout the week. Words are NOT tested, but will help understanding. Students are not expected to be able to spell these words.

  • case, darling, explanation, gorgeous, rafters, riddle, suspects, wonder
  • counting on, addition equation, pattern, equal groups, combine, addend, less than, equals, combination, sum
  • conserve, recycle, environment, nature, pollution, natural, manmade, renewable, nonrenewable

Writing & Grammar

  • Prepositions - locators in time and space such as during, before, on, at, under
  • Written responses - how to answer questions fully
  • Expository (factual/explaining) writing


  • Conservation - Students are working in groups to research a conservation topic and come up with a way to present it to the class, grade, school, or community.

Social Studies:

  • Landforms - both water and solid land

Upcoming Dates

14- Snow Wizard

15- K Orientation 9:00- Auditorium

Parent Advisory 2:00

16- Chik-fil-a Spirit Night

22- 1st Grade Pensacola FT off Campus

27- Teacher Appreciation Week!

28- Snow Wizard

PTA- 2nd Grade Performance 6:00

29- K Registration



1- Special Olympics

15 - Field Day