Keep your Digestive System Healthy!

How to care for you Digestive System

A Digestive System can be tricky to care for. Use this flyer as your guide to keep it heathy!

Unhealthy Digestive System Problems

Your digestive system may have a tendancy to dislike you if you do not keep it healthy. An unhealthy digestive system could have a large, nagative effect on your well being. You digestive system will begin to fail to break down foods. If you can't digest enough nutriets, you will become malnurished. You muscles could become extremely weaker, and you may develop lung and heart problems. You will become sick very easily because your immune system will become weaker also. To avoid these problems, stay away from fatty, greasy, and spicy foods. Eat smaller portions, and focus on making these portions consist of fruits and vegetables. If you keep a healthy diet, your relationship between you and your digestive system will be healthy also.