Barcelona vs Arsenal

Champions League

Barcelona vs Arsenal

Barcelona against Arsenal, two Insane teams played against each other that will play again against each other, competed for their win to go up to the finals. Barcelona had won the game against Arsenal 2-0 with two amazing goals from Lionel Messi. Both of these teams are fighting and fighting to stay in the champions league, and trying to make their best out of it.

Barcelona vs Arsenal Highlights


In February 23 2016, Barcelona beated Arsenal 2-0. Arsenal trying their best to win the game so they get ahead of Barcelona. The game was played in the Emirates Stadium (London). The first goal was scored by Lionel Messi in the minute 71 with an insane goal from Lionel Messi and an Insane pass from Neymar to Messi. In the minute 83 Barcelona had a penalty which Messi was taking it. Messi makes it in the back of the net and the score ends 2-0 to Barcelona.
Arsenal vs Barcelona 0-2 - Full Highlights in English Commentary HD