Leeuwarden cultural capital 2018


ice skating

Skating is run on thin, straight blades on ice. Skating can be practiced both in nature and in artificial ice. Often matches are held in tialf in Heerenveen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lr44k96hMoc


is a collective name for ball games, where the players hit the ball with the palm try to save such a way that it can not be returned valid by the counterparty.

The handball sport is practiced in various forms in over 50 countries and regions, including Belgium, France, Basque Country, Valencia, Italy and the United States. Rebounding is one of the oldest still practiced ball games. Roughly the different variants of the dividing field or square bounce which the Friesian and Belgian (jeu de pelota) game properly and wall bounce with the most practiced variants American handball (American Handball), evolved from there introduced by Irish emigrants 1880s Basque pelota and the game, other than the country of origin, is played in many countries in South and Central America.

It usually as "typical Frisian sport 'designated Frisian pelota, in the 16th century introduced in Friesland by Dutch dike workers. The game is played on grass between two teams of three players each, the parturen. The bounce is most popular in the Frisian clay areas