Owls and Bees

Language Arts for October 12-16

Students Explode Moments in Writing

Students have been working on adding details to personal narratives. "Exploding a moment" is one way to use true, exact details. To explode a moment, take the most exciting part of an event and use slow motion detail to make the event come to life in a vivid and clear way. For example, instead of writing "I threw the ball," explode the moment by writing this:

Sweat poured down my face, but I didn't care. My hand gripped the ratty-looking football, and I spotted Chris downfield. "Watch out!" I yelled. I pulled back my arm and threw the ball with the force of a hurricane. It seemed to scream as it spiraled towards Chris's outstretched hands. Boom! The ball slammed squarely into Chris's face, and he fell back, hitting the ground with a loud thud. Oh, no! What had I done?

We are going to continue working on tools that can help to explode moments in writing. In upcoming weeks, students will learn how figurative language can add power to writing.

The following video is an excellent example of how to explode a moment. I showed the video to my classes: