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Welcome to the CELO newsletter

Welcome to this first edition of the CELO newsletter. CELO is the Community for Extended Learning Online: a community of teachers working with gifted and highly able students in Tasmania, Australia. This fortnightly newsletter will be used to keep us up to date with new resources, information and research in the area of gifted education.

Teachers get the thumbs up

Students are happy

This is the reaction from a group of students when they were told that their teachers were participating in an online community dedicated to learning about gifted students and how best to meet their learning needs.

Their comment was: "sometimes we feel a bit invisible in the classroom, so it is really nice to know that they care enough to make the effort." :-)

What does it mean to be gifted?

Read this article for a moving insight into what it means to be gifted.

Special Guest

Friday, Jun 8th 2012 at 3:30-4:30pm

Online- Fronter classroom Illuminate session.

We will be featuring a teacher from the CELO Online program run by the eSchool every 3 weeks to get the 'inside story' on their online classroom and how it works with gifted students. You can ask questions and get some good practical advice from the teachers partnering with you to meet your gifted student's needs.

Here is the link to the session ... see you online!