Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Pinconning, MI

We Understand This Is Difficult

Here at Eternal Rest we understand that this is a difficult time for you as an individual and as family and friends, In this time we understand that you need time to grieve. Take this time to talk about the death of the loved one,accept your feelings and most importantly make sure to take care of yourself in this healing process. We understand that it is vital for you and your family and friends so to help make things a little bit easier we offer a step by step guide to help you make all the right decisions for your loved one without having to feel stressed out or wonder if you may have forgotten anything.

We Support Your Customs

We want to make sure here, that a burial or cremation ceremony is everything that you believe in and that the loved one would have wanted. We open our arms to all and any religions and their special ceremonies. If you are Jewish we will gladly get you in as soon as possible to bury your loved one so you and your family can begin your special grievance process. If you are Christian we gladly allow a long ceremony filled with triumph and lost. If you are Hindu we will always allow a family member to come in and prepare the body in such ways that you find appropriate. If you are Islamic we can make sure to get you in right away and have the proceedings done as quickly, simply, and beautifully done as possible. We want everyone to have a perfect, beautiful funeral if possible.