Arts and entertainment

Cold War Culture


  • What- Books, comics, articles, stories, you name it, they have it. Reading after the war skyrocketed because of people having more free time on their hands.
  • Time Period- This book boom happened around the 1950's.
  • Location- This reading fanatic was happening all over the united states after world war two had ended.
  • Cause- With the world war over, people had time to do more leisure activities such as reading.
  • Reason- People became so interested in reading all types of books because they had time on there hands to read them. With people working a forty hour week and earning several weeks of vacation per year, it makes it easy for people to get sucked into a good book.
  • Result- More people started writing book
  • Significance- Reading in the United states was spreading like wildfire.
  • To Whom- businesses, government, families


  • What- Americans enjoyed a wide variety of sports. These sports would include fishing, bowling, hunting, boating, golf, basketball, football, and baseball. The most popular out of all of them was basketball, football, and baseball.
  • Time Period- This happened around the 1950
  • Location-All around the United States
  • Cause- With no war lingering around every corner, americans could have more time to enjoy themselves than before.
  • Reason-sdfgdfa
  • Result- sports becoming more popular and the higher demand for sport players.
  • This is important to history because it is still one of the most popular entertainments to this day.
  • To whom- families, businesses, government