Maria Stewart

An african-american, journalist, and abolitionist

Who she was and what she did.

Maria W. Stewart was an african-american woman, that wrote for the liberator (an abolitionist newspaper) and later became a school teacher. She also was a lecturer, after her career was over she became a schoolteacher and stayed in D.C. for the rest of her life. In September 1833 she gave her farewell speech at the African Meeting House. She was left a widow, and drew her strength from the Bible.

Maria W. Stewart; The first female to speak in public

In her Address Delivered at the African Masonic Hall, Boston on February 27, 1833, she says "The unfriendly whites first drove the native American from his much loved home. Then they stole our fathers from their peaceful and quiet dwellings, and brought them hither, and made bond-men and bond-women of them and their little ones; they have obliged our brethren to labor, kept them in utter ignorance, nourished them in vice, and raised them in degradation;" meaning that the whites were treating anyone not of their colour like they were not human and degrading them.

Maria Stewart

Multiple Choice Question:

Maria Stewart wrote for ____________ a(n) ______________ Newspaper.

A) Liberator, Abolitionist

B) No slave, Anti-slave

c) Stop slaves, Aboloitinist