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"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears" -Nelson Mandela.

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PBIS Materials:

These materials are located on the PBIS Google Classroom. Please see a PBIS team member with any questions, comments, or concerns. Some teachers have taken the form and created an Excel sheet to utilize during Interdisciplinary team (IT) meetings.

Cafeteria Expectations: (please review with students again)

Teachers please ensure that students are aware of the hallway expectations during blocks 3rd or 7th. Students must be escorted to the cafeteria in an orderly and quiet manner because instruction is still continuing in House B and other areas of the school. Seventh grade teachers please walk our students down to the cafeteria. When students are dismissed from the cafeteria their teachers should be standing outside their respective classrooms to greet students back from lunch. Students should not be immediately going to their lockers or restrooms, unless there is an emergency.

Please continue to review cafeteria expectations with our students. They need to continue to yield at the cafeteria entrance signs in a straight line. They need to continue to keep the cafeteria clean and neat.

Remember 7th graders eat Lunch B shift, C shift, and D shift!

Any students who eat D-lunch will be able to bring a snack to school. Snack time will take place during block 3/7 each day for those students in D-lunch only. Please be sure to choose something that is NUT-FREE!! This is extremely important to keep all students safe.

If there are any questions, comments, or concerns please see me.


Please continue to be visible in the hallways during all bell changes. It does make a difference and it presents opportunities for us to connect with our students. Our students enjoy seeing us during instructional times and non-instructional times, so please utilize these opportunities: in the morning during arrivals, in between classes, during lunch processionals, and in the afternoon during dismissals.

Please if you have any questions, comments, concerns or ideas please reach out to the House B team (Patti, Bonnie, Leslie or me)

Week At a Glance: Monday December 7th- Friday December 11th 2015

  • Monday December 7th- 6th grade OTTW Night Expo 7:00-8:00 PM B-day
  • Tuesday December 8th- Department Meetings 3:40-4:30 PM; Band 7 Winter Concert 7:00 PM A-day
  • Wednesday December 9th- Band 8 Winter Concert 7:00 PM B-day
  • Thursday December 10th- RRHS Athletic Department Visits 8th grade students; Advanced String Winter Concert 7:00 PM A-day
  • Friday December 11th- Staff party B-day