My Hispanic Christmas

My family and ethnic community

My tradition

On Christmas Eve is the day I celebrate Christmas with my family.We celebrate it on this day because on the 25th we go to my step grandmas.It is important to me because we all get to spend time with are relatives.On Christmas Eve my family and I cook the food and get everything ready.My aunt and cousins come at 7:30p.m so from there we just eat,talk,and play games.At 8:30 p.m we open up are presents.My tradition is very fun because we play games and win prizes.And that's what my family and I do on Christmas Eve.

My other tradition

My other tradition is when I go to my step grandmas in the morning .When my family and I arrive at the house we talk for a while then we get to eating.After eating we get are gifts from are grandma,most of the time we get $60 each year.Then we start to play games and if we win we get money.For the grownup games they have jars with candy or pasta and you have to guess how much there is in the jar.If you win you get to choose your prize.For food we will have mashed potatoes,pickle wraps,and hash browns.And that's how I spend Christmas with my family.