Progress Report Monday

Progress on work through week 3 will be filed Monday night

Helping students use tools to improve their grades

The first Progress Report was filed Monday night and you should get information on their current average as well as a note regarding their pacing. Many of the very low averages are due to missing assignments as opposed to poor performance. When t

I am finding that many students are not reading the online material before diving into the assignments. It is difficult to perform well without learning the material. :-). I post announcements daily with information about the assignments and additional learning tools related to the material. It seems that many are not reading that information and then running into difficulties with the assignments. I am also creating electronic study sets on and linking them to the assignment. The students who are using this to review are doing very well.

If your student is not doing well, first have them show you the announcements (this way we can help make sure that they are reading them). Then ask them to show you the quizlet links for review. I think if they take a little time to check out this tool they will like it and they will see how it can help. There is also Peer Tutoring as well as Culture Cafe for extra credit that very few are taking advantage of.

If you have any questions, please contact me at:
or 919-687-6399