Welcome to the 4k and Up Club

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Your monthly TO DO'S

Congratulations on your new rank!

These are exciting times because not only are you help your customers live the life that they deserve you get to help your team achieve their goals. Always continue to reach out to 3 new people a day, do 3 new follow ups a day, add 2 new names to your list and share at least one Facebook post from the Le-Vel fan page. Implementing these steps will help you grow your business each month. I hope that you find that this will be a resource that you share with your team.


Carmel Stetler

Things to focus on weekly

Welcome to the 4K and Up Club

Setting the month up

First and foremost, always focus on your personal business. Every month new promoters and seasoned promoters should focus on hitting at least VIP 800. Week 1 you are reaching out to your free customer accounts and converting them to an auto ship. Week 1 make sure you get your 2 auto ships.
Setting the month up

Week 1 - New Auto Ships

Follow up with customers is one of our non-negotiables. If you have created a free customer account for someone, continue to follow up and provide them with more information about Thrive. This is the week that I focus on upgrade a free account to a customer auto ship. This will build residual income as well as open up a door for a new network of people to tap into.
What to do Week 1

Week 2 - Planting the promoter seed

Now is the time we reach out to our customers that have not received their product for free yet. Reach out to those customer and follow up. You've been getting feed back on how much they are loving thrive, ask them if they are ready for you to help them get next month for free. Follow the the verbiage I use to plant the seed of a promoter.
What to do Week 2

Week 3 & 4 End off the month off strong

Focus on if you have hit at least VIP 800. If not make sure you have everything lined up to make sure that you hit it. After the 15th of the month you want to start looking at your team and see who is half way to 4k and who is half way to 12k. These are the promoters that you should pay attention to. Have them run with you on a 10 to 20 FREE accounts 48 hour period. If they are working for the 10 to 20 FREE accounts you will know that they are working their business.

Leverage waiting room volume and help them rank up.

What to do Week 3 & 4