Game On

Megan Springs

To girls with spirit everywhere


This book is about three freshman girls whose names are Chloe Davis, Kate MacDonald, and Emily Arellano who want to try out for the Northside High JV squad. Chloe is desperate to be the captain for the squad; however, she may have some competition from a new girl, Devin. Devin Isle (the newbie) also tries out for the squad and tries to make friends with the girls, but they all turn her down including Chloe. With the Regional Competitions around the corner, the team has no time to mess around. It is time to get serious for the upcoming regional competitions. If the girls want to do their best at the regional competitons, they will have to face their fears by doing a human pyramid which takes teamwork.

"Behind Every Squad, There's A Story."


I chose this book because I'm into cheerleading, which is all about leading and demonstrating to the fans in the stands on how to show school spirit. A favorite part that I liked about the book was when Devin leads the team at the Regional competitions where they had to do a human pyramid. My opinion of the book is that it is dramatic, romantic, and amazing, because of the human interaction. A reason why I liked the book was because the main girls in the book were trying to teach us a lesson on how important it is to have teamwork. Reasons why I disliked the book was when Chloe was acting like a drama queen and a spoiled brat towards Devin who was only trying to be nice and helpful. Overall, I would rate this book five stars because the girls had a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and courage. This helped them when they performed at their pep rallies and regional competitions. This shows teamwork through adversity. I would recommend for my Aunt Sally to read this book because she was a cheerleader in high school and I think she would relate to the examples of overcoming challenges and conflict which she is experiencing now.
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Game On: A Varsity Novel
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