Scientific Revolution

by. Brian

What was the change?

The scientific revolution was the change in how the human society viewed the universe. the change hypothesis or teachings of the world and how the mechanisms unraveled and the attitude of the church changing towards the scientific revolution.

Who were the people associated with the change?

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How did the change impact the the society at the time?

It didn't really impacted the people in the time but it mostly impacted the church. The church had a believe that the geocentric model was the correct model to the universe for over 2000 years. When the renaissance came along and told them that the geocentric model was incorrect and that the heliocentric was the correct model to the universe. Their knowledge felt threatened so they wanted to eliminate the threat put they always denied the heliocentric model.

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How is that this change evidence in today's modern society?

Even though they came up with the Heliocentric model in the end of the middle ages it has really impacted the civilization till this day. the Heliocentric model has replaced the geocentric model completely due to the fact that the geocentric model was proven to be incorrect by astronomers. In education the heliocentric model has been used to teach students about the planets and that the sun is in the center of our universe. The heliocentric has made a great scientific and educational revolution through out the history. (we still study their theories)