Adolf Hitler

Resilience project

Hitlers life

  • When hitler was a little boy his brother died,

  • when his brother died his mom let him drop out of school because he needed to take care of the house

  • “My brother died,I dropped out of school."

  • ”When hitler grew up he went off to the army and became the leader of the nazi party in 1933“I am the leader of the nazi party.” When he was leader of the Nazi he killed a lot of the jew because of their race “killed more than 1 million people.”

Direct qoute

  • Adolf’s father died in 1903

In the 1900’s

hitler was an artist

  • “Very strict but comfortable”
  • Suffered from lung infections.


  • He was a good leader but not a good person.
  • The jew that were in Germany did not like him because he would have them killed because they were jews.
  • The other people in Germany liked him because he kept them save by having the army all around germany.


  • Hitler bounced back from when his brother died, He dropped out of school and he still became the leader olf the Nazi party.
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