Cherry and I

The Outsiders


We both like to do the right thing even if it might make things difficult. Cherry Helped the Greasers because she knew they didn't want to hut anyone. If one of my friends are in trouble I like to back them up unless they deserved it.

Cherry had two sets of friends that didn't exactly like eachother. I have to different groups of friends, and they don't really hang out together. I would make things easier if they did, but they wouldn't be the same people.

Cherry doesn't really care about people's past because she can see wether people are good on the inside. Cherry also said, "It's rough all over."_(34) This means she can see how different people feel and she can connect because she knows that everyone has it rough, but in different ways.

I also can connect to her because she does cheerleading, and I do gymnastics. We can connect because we both do a sport that has to do with jumps and tumbling.


Cherry is very popular and she makes sure people know it. Know one at our school defines themselves as popular or unpopular. Cherry has green eyes and according to Ponyboy thats a bad thing, and I have blue eyes. Ponyboy said, "I hate most guys with green eyes"_(34)


Cherry is hard and she can handle somethings that most people wouldn't be able to. She knows how people feel, and she likes to treat them how she see's them. She treats Ponyboy like a person who has a lot more potential than most people. She can stick up for her self and she will speak her mind she said to some of the greasers," Take your feet off my chair and shut your trap!"_ (21)

I'm more of a person who keeps my feeling to myself, and unless i'm really mad about something I keep my thoughts to myself to. I don't like to get in the middle of drama, and I like to find a way to make everyone happy.