The Curious Incident

of the Dog in the Nighttime

The struggle for independence is a worthwhile one.

"So because it was a Super Good Day I decided to walk into the park with Mrs. Alexander, even though it scared me. " (Pg. 59)

On any other day before this, Christopher would not have gone with Mrs. Alexander. He was not comfortable with strangers and even stated that it scared him. He stepped out of his comfort zone, showing that he was slowly becoming independent.

"And she said, 'Are you going to tell your father about this?' And I replied, 'No.'" (Pg. 75)

Christopher doesn't feel compelled to tell his father everything or do everything his father tell him to do. He starts to depend on himself instead of his father.
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"But I knew that if I curled up on the ground and did groaning, then Father would come out of the school and he would see me and catch me and take me home. So I took lots of deep breaths..."

Christopher learns not to panic and handles the situation well even though he is scared. He gets better at taking care of himself and being independent.
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The Struggle for independence in the Middle East

For over 30 years the Hosni Mubarak was the president of Egypt. He would not let any one else run against him until the US coerced him into allowing other candidates. In February of 2011 citizens lead protests and revolted against him during his fourth election. The Egyptian citizens rejoiced after being let out from his control and even though it was a difficult struggle, it was worth it.
This shows how gaining independence can come in many different forms. It is almost always worthwhile. In cases like Christopher's, he broke away from his father while the Egyptians broke away from their corrupt ruler.
They got their independence from Mubarak by revolting. Many Egyptians died trying to fight for their independence. They struggled but in the end, they were freed from him.
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My Personal Struggle for Independence

I have experienced the effort to be independent. As I'm growing up my parents give me more independence with certain things like walking to friends' houses. It was a struggle to prove to them that I could handle the responsibility of being semi-independent.