Chemicals used in WWI

By Riley Jones


Chemical warfare was actually first used by the French in 1914. They fired tear-gassed grenades against the Germans. Germany was the first to use it on a large scale though. The deadliest used was either chlorine or mustard gas.
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The first poison gas released at a large scale was chlorine. It was deployed the 22nd of April, 1915. Chlorine gas destroys the respiratory system which would eventually lead to a slow death by asphyxiation. First used by the Germans. It reacts with the water in lungs making hydroelectric acid which cause coughing.
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Tear gasses

It was first used in 1914 by the French. It causes coughing, crying, breathing difficulties, and temporary blindness. was the first chemical ever used in war
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Phosgene and Diphosgene

First used in 1915 by the Germans on the British. It cause suffocation, coughing, difficulty breathing, and fluid in lungs which leads to death
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Mustard Gas

First used in 1917 by the Germans against the British. Effects include damage to the eyes, nose, and respiratory tract. Will also cause chemical burns. It will react with DNA causing cell damage.
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