Desmos Graphing Calculator

The app that graphs.

What does the app do to help a student?

It is affordable because it is free

The app has various functions that include:

Graphing almost any kind of graph

Don't need to put equations y=form

Gives you the option to use a table to get your points

Scrolling up and down zooms in and out

Examples of how this app can be used in class

1. This year freshmen were no longer required to buy a TI Inspire calculator and as many people know it would be helpful to have one to use. This app replaces the very expensive calculator.

2. This app can be used in all algebra classes.

3. This app can also be helpful in your science classes.

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Pros and Cons


Helps students in math a lot when they don't have a calculator

It is free

Makes life in math easier


Requires time to put in each equation

Some exotic equations may not be able to be graphed

Will we continue to use this app?

Yes, I think that this app will continue to serve its use in the future. New features may be added to improve the app so that is why we are willing to continue to use this app that replaces the TI Inspire calculator.
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