Tertiary Interventions

The Top Level of the Pyramid Model

Tier 3: Tertiary Interventions

The last level of the pyramid attends to children who have not responded to preventions and supports at the previous levels, but instead consistently show challenging behaviors. This level of the pyramid includes focused, one-on-one action plans by parents and teachers to help these children learn new social skills. These new social skills are meant to replace the child's previously undesirable behaviors so that the old behaviors are no longer used.

Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

  • Intensive and individualized intervention
  • Individually designed
  • Can be applied within all natural environments
  • Can be implemented by the child's everyday caregivers
  • Is focused on supporting the child in developing new skills

The Process

  • The team convenes.
  • At the center of the team is the family and the child's teacher.
  • A functional assessment is conducted.
  • Hypotheses are developed based on the results of the assessment.
  • A behavior support plan is developed based on the hypotheses.