1A Weekly News

January 10, 2016

A Note From Miss Kelly

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable winter holiday.

1A is looking for craft supply donations for students to use during explore time. If you have any unused boxes, tissue rolls, tin foil, cardboard, twist ties...etc please send them in with your child. We will have a craft box where students can use their imagination to create new and exciting projects.



News From the School

New Entry to Campus Procedures

Starting January 17th, 2016 there will be some changes for students and parents entering the ASD Campus​ supporting student safety.​

All students will be required to scan their Dragon Wristband entering and exiting the campus. It is recommended that you remind your child to wear their wristband daily. Replacement Dragon bands may be purchased at the front desk of the Administrative entrance for 50 qr. Wristbands will be distributed to Lower Elementary Students on Thursday, January 14th. Thank you for establishing a routine for the Dragon Bands at home.

Parents and domestic staff will not be permitted through Gate 5 for morning drop off.​ ​Student​s​ may enter through Gate 5 using their wristbands and teachers will be there to supervise starting at 7:40 AM. Parents wishing to accompany their children to classes are asked to enter through Gates 8 & 10. ​

Pick-up procedures will remain the same, parents will be able to enter and exit the campus through Gate 5 from 2:45 - 4:15 PM. Pick up procedures for PACT Tuesdays and our Pre-K Students will also remain the same, parents will be able to enter through Gate 5 at 12:15 PM.

We kindly ask parents and guests to enter through Gate 8 during the school day.

Upon arrival students will store their Dragon Bands for the day. They will be available for lunch. Please be sure to discuss with your child if he/she is purchasing lunch each day. Thank you for going over the importance of being responsible for these bands.

We thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we work to keep our school safe and continue the improvements to the ASD campus.

A Peek at Our Week Ahead

Wrist Bands Going Home

Thursday, Jan. 14th, 3pm

American School of Doha

Student wrist bands will be sent home so they can use them to enter the campus starting on Sunday, January 17.