By Sarah LeMere and A.J. Nemeth



Desomorphine is a injectable depressant commonly found in Russia. It is a sedative, which means that it calms you down and slows your heart rate. It is a designer drug.

Slang Terms

-Krokodil (Крокодил)

-Poor Man's Heroin

-The Zombie Drug

-Russian Magic

Effects and Dangers

  • Skin turns green or purple and looks scaly (like a crocodile)
  • Skin and flesh can fall off
  • Blood vessels die
  • Infection of bones, flesh, skin
  • Damages your nerves, mind, and physical body
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People call Desomorphine, Krokodil more than its real name. It costs $7.50 USD per needle. It is made at home using paint thinner, gasoline, and other highly toxic ingredients.


If you know someone is doing krokodil immediately get help from a rehab center or trusted adult.


Q- Do you have family policy about drugs?

A- No. We don't have a family policy, nor do we need one.

Q- What should I do if kids in my school are doing drugs?

A- Go to the principal or Mrs. Deitz or a trusted adult.