Search Carrot

By: Emma and Hannah

Search carrot, yes or no?

While using search carrot you can use a space as an, and. We tested this by typing in "CAKE COOKIES" and the space worked as an, and. You can use site:org or others. We tested this by typing in "cake site:org" You can't use quotation marks while searching on search carrot. We tested this by "its a piece of cake". you can use the minus sign when searching on search carrot. we tested this by cake-birthday.

Over all summary of search carrot!!

What we liked about search carrot is that the links were numbered so if you go to one and ex-out of the page you can find it again easily. What we didn't like is that the writing is either to bold or to dull. We would not recommend this search engine because you can only use it for specific topics!!!