Weekly Update - 123 Pretend Street

Update for the week of April 14-21

Hi Smith Family

I hope my email finds you well! As you know, I am busy marketing your home online and throughout the Real Estate Community. Below is the latest information on your home. Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions.


123 Pretend Street - Weekly Update

Current List Price - $300,000

Days on Market - 55

Total Showings last week: 5

4/12/13 - Bonny Bedrock @ Avalar Austin - "Home is beyond amazing. I'm actually sleeping there tonight and trying squatters law out - shhhh don't tell your clients"

4/13/13 - Ralph Reindeer @ BustedBrokerage - "Something super insightful here"

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What's Next

Here is a great place to communicate with your clients. I.e. - You are receiving great showing activity and your online presence is in line with my expectations. This beast is on it's way to a contract!

Or - Given the feedback above I think we might want to talk about a possible price reduction.

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