Renaissance Painter & Architect


  • Raphael was born on April 6, 1483 in Urbino, Italy
  • He spent the last 12 years of his life in Rome
  • He was taught the rudiments of painting by his father, and then by Timoteo Viti, an associate of his uncle Giovanni
  • Orphaned at age 11, Raphael moved around a lot
  • He went to live with Giovanni right after his parents' deaths
  • He then moved on at age 17 to be an apprentice of painter Paragon
  • He traveled again to Florence for a few years, then to Rome
  • Raphael created paintings and architecture
  • Examples of his paintings: School of Athens, Dispute over the Sacrament
  • Examples of his architecture: Designed St Peter's Church, Palazzo Branconio del'Aquila, Rome
  • His patrons were Pope Julius II and Pope Leo X

School of Athens

  • School of Athens was painted by Raphael 1510-1512
  • As part of Stanza della Segnatura, it is currently located at the Vatican Palace, Vatican State
  • Pope Julius II commissioned Raphael to come up with a scheme for the walls of the papal apartments in the Vatican
  • The painting depicts a group of philosophers with Plato and Aristotle at the center, gathered under a vaulted dome
  • This piece shows Raphael's genius for architecturally integrated design
  • He makes it seem as if the painting is expanding the real size of a room
  • Humanism and scientific naturalism are shown in the painting
  • The substantial influence of the classics can be seen in the architecture painted in the scene, as well as in the topic of the painting itself
  • The realisticness of this piece shows scientific naturalism
  • Raphael's detail makes it seem as though he took a picture of the School of Athens taking place in Ancient Greece
  • He also painted part of the blue sky which incorporates nature
  • I think this piece is really realistic which makes it really interesting to me
  • Looking at it, I feel like I'm seeing into the past at a scene that actually happened in Ancient Greece

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