Don't be a bully

Different types of bullying

There are many 4 types of bulling. Some of them are Physical Bullying which includes hitting, shoving, tripping and pushing. Another one is Verbal Bullying which involves hurtful comments, teasing and name-calling. Social Bullying which is using someones friends against them and the last one is Cyber Bullying which is verbal bullying but on the internet.

The effects of bullying on an adolescents physical, social and mental health

Kids who are bullied can suffer from many different social, mental and physical problems. Commonly children get anxiety, depressed, increased feelings of loneliness, changing in eating patterns, loss of interest in activities and change in their sleeping patterns.

Strategies for coping with being bullied

Some strategies of being bullied are you should know when to walk away and defend yourself, always have a friend with you to defend and walk away, some thing that parents can do is encourage a child to invite friends over to your house, make them feel like they have heaps of friends who can defend them. If these things don't really work then a child should talk to someone about it.

Health resources aimed at supporting victims of bullying

-Kids helpline - 1800 551 800

-Children psychologist

-Lifeline - 131 114

-Suicide Help line (If things get to bad) - 1300 651 251



Recommend website for student to use

-It has different questions that you might ask yourself and if you press on it you can see recommended answers.

-Its for teenagers so we will understand it.

-It has a phone number for the children's helpline.

-Range of information

-Tells you what bullying is

-Video on bullying