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  • Piney woods gets the most rainfall and rain average a year
  • Has a lot of trees
  • 32-50 inches of rain a year

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Just a little ways to go @ the 2012 Pineywoods Trailride

Video of the Piney Woods Annual trailride

Lots of fun come ride the trails with us.. See you soon

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  • The main land form flat lands.
  • The main form of weathering is rain.
  • The rain washes away the dirt from under the roots so the trees could possibly fall.
  • The reason why the Piney Woods ecoregion is flat is because the harsh rain washes away anything that can become a land form.

lots of rain and precipitation. The forecast website is below.

Lots of Rain

  • Rain weathers away dirt from under trees, plants, and bushes.
  • It may carry away the soil and deposit it somewhere else


Not much WED occurring because it rains a lot which produces lots of grass and trees which holds the soil down.