Grade 1A Newsletter 27-30 Apr 15

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

International Primary Curriculum- 'The Magic Toymaker'

Did you know that according to the toymaker, when the toys come alive at night, they hold races around the workshop to see which one is the best?!

The Magic Toymaker gave us another task this week and we had to carry out a fair investigation to see which toy car travels the furthest across different surfaces.

We then discussed why we needed to make the investigation fair and then what we could do to ensure this. Our chosen surfaces were carpet, wooden floor, concrete and grass.

We then decided on some suitable fast and speedy names for our 4 racing cars and came up with names such as Fasto and Lightning Flash and Lami (short for Lamborghini!) The distance each car went was measured accurately using a tape measure.

Using a planning board to record our observations and results, the children considered how the type of surface affected the speed and distance that the cars travelled. They were then encouraged to describe in their own words why they think some surfaces were harder to travel across than others. Some important words that that children have been learning were friction. force, surface and resistance. Great fun!!

Language Arts

We have been so impressed with the quantity and quality of the children's writing during this unit. The children wrote at length on their knowledge of toys from the past and created detailed descriptions of old toys. Their use and understanding of punctuation is so much better and is evident in their writing.

The children's enthusiasm for poetry month continues! They have thrived on listening to the daily poems from the postman and are able to rate poems effectively. What has been most encouraging is the number of children this has inspired to write their own poems.
We have focused on Fluency for the last few weeks of the CAFE reading strategies, our next focus is going to be on comprehension skills. Our focus will be, "Good readers ask questions."


Following on from numbers to 100 last week, we exercised our knowledge and understanding in addition - 'with and without regrouping' this week. We are getting quicker and better at adding using the 'counting on' method, tens and ones as well as the place value chart (tens column).

With regrouping, it is important to understand number bonds - the first element of maths taught in Grade 1. If the 'ones' answer is more than 10, regrouping happens. Our Grade Ones are really good at showing the regrouping method and are well on their way to adding with much bigger numbers. Well done!

Dates for your diary!

On the 15th May it is Founder's Day and school will finish for Prep 1 and 2 at 11.20 and for Grade 1 - 6 at 12.20. No lunch will be required.

It is on this day we remember the work done by St John Baptiste de La Salle in educating the children of the poor and establishing a Catholic Brotherhood.

As we did last year, Catholic children in the Upper Elementary School will attend a mass with the High School at 8.30am in the Indoor Sports Hall.

An assembly will follow mass where all the children in the Middle Years and Upper Elementary School will join the HS. Some of our grade 2 children will be performing.

Lap-a-thon Saturday 9th May

Global Initiative Toy Sale Wednesday 13th May 2-3

Come to the next Farmer's Market on Thursday 7th May at 730-8am. See flyer below

TOP SECRET!!! Exit Point (The Magic Toymaker) Thursday 14th May

Founder's Day - 15th May Please note that school will finish for Grade 1 at 12.20. No lunch will be required on this day.

Myths and Legends unit of work storyteller Entry Point on Tuesday 19th May in the Library

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