General Description

The Haggis House

The Haggis House is in the most amazing location you could ever imagine! There is everything here! It is so easy to get from one island to the next and quick and easy to get to where you want to go as the islands are small but jam packed with amazing attractions and awesome activities. There are some wonderful water sports for you and your families to take part in like sailing, wind surfing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming and an amazing team building exercise, raft building! Only 300m away from the beach, you merely have to cross the road for the sand to be on your tip toes and the water running gently by your ankles as you look at the phenomenal view. The food is also great! Stroll on by the harbour and you will see all the fisherman bringing in the buckets and baskets of cod and haddock to be sent straight to the restaurant across the street! Definitely fresh fish for your dinner!