Daily Physical Activity

(Physical Education) Warm-ups, Activities, Cool-downs

Hundreds of Different Fun Physical Education Activities!

Split up into three different sections:

  • Warm Ups
  • Core Activities/Games
  • Cool Downs

Able to create your own easy lesson plans daily!

  • This part of the app allows the teachers to create lesson plans for different days involving warm ups, activities/games, and cool downs in order to keep students active and having fun!

Being able to create new plans quick and easy!

  • This app can be used on your phone or tablet making planning on the go fun and easy!

General information about Daily Physical Activity

  • More than 140 physical activities to browse and select from
  • The unique lesson plan tool ensures the job of creating, printing, saving or emailing lesson plans quick and easy
  • For ease of planning, activities have been grouped under a range of headings including warm up, core categories, and cool downs
  • Activities can also be filtered by what equipment is available such as markers, balls, balloons, hoops, ropes, or no equipment
  • Each activity provides detailed instructions, equipment list and diagrams
  • A video of the activity or game is also included for some of the more complex activities
  • Amazing tool for teachers, coaches, or youth/parent led physical activities