By Brianna

The Size of Saturn

Saturn is 58 232 km and is known as the second largest planet of the Solar System.

The Temperature

Saturn is colder than -150 °C. The core is 11 700 °C.

Does Saturn Have Moons or Rings?

Yes Saturn has rings of course and has about 62 moons with confirmed orbits, 53 moons have names, and only 13 moons have diameters larger than 50 kilometers.

The Speed of Saturn

Its rotation speed is 9.87 m/sec. It takes about 29.5 years to go around the sun.

The Colors of Saturn

Saturn has a beautiful pale of and some hints of orange and white.

Does anything live on this planet?

NO and if Saturn did they wouldn't even be able to get to earth because its so cold that they would freeze to death.

The Distance From the Sun

Saturn is very far from the big huge Sun scienetists calutate that Saturn is 1 433 000 000 away from the Sun.

The Similarities to Earth

Saturn and Earth use the same solar system, so it rotates the same star (a.k.a The Sun)