1E Weekly Newsletter

May 4-8

Last week in 1E


Reading and Writing:

-Poetry: Shape poems

-Writing: How to

-Daily 5


-Measurement- non-standard units of measurement


-Animals: Habitats and Diet

Social Studies:

-Past, present, and future- how things have changed and will change over time.

Upcoming Dates

May 5- Jump Rope Performance (8:10am in the gym)

May 8- Starnival

May 15th- Volunteer Luncheon

May 22- FIELD DAY!

May 29th- Hawaiian Day

1E Schedule

7:50 Morning Work/Morning Meeting

8:15 Math

9:15 Snack/Restroom Break

9:30 Science/Social Studies

10:30 Recess

11:05 Lunch

11:35 Handwriting

12:00 Daily 5/C.A.F.E Lesson

12:30 Daily 5 Rotations/C.A.F.E./Writing

2:00 Specials

2:50 Daily Reflections

3:05 Dismissal

Library Day: Monday 10:00am

Specials Schedule

Monday- Computer
Tuesday- Music
Wednesday- P.E
Thursday- Art
Friday- P.E

Character Trait of the Month

May: Patience

Please talk with your child about what this means.


Driving Question:

How can we, as Texan zoologists, teach Alaskan zoologists about animals that live in our state?

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May Birthdays

Amrith- 22nd

Suraj- 22nd

Contact Me

My conference times are Monday-Friday at 2:00. Please email me to schedule an appointment.

Dont forget to send in your box tops!

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